Sunday, November 15, 2009

November: Week Three.

Monthly Theme: My family and I can serve others.
Scripture: “By love serve one another.” (Galatians 5:13)
Weekly Theme: I can be a good example for my family.


First off we reviewed our ASL of Love One Another. I think the kids are getting a little tired of this one, but I just don't want them to forget it.

This week, we pulled out the conducting batons that I made out of metal Slurpee straws. I'll have to take pictures, but until then, you must know they are VERY fun. The kids get really excited when they get to guest conduct. They have a choice of four decorated conducting batons (green, blue, pink, and gold). We have a little discussion on tempo vs. rhythm. I think only a handful of them really get it, but maybe after several of these discussion, something will sink in. However, they all definitely understand the importance of having a conductor. When asked, why one is needed, they are now quick to respond with things such as: knowing when to start and stop, knowing how fast or slow we sing, knowing how soft or loud, etc. Little by little, I'm going to turn this kids into little musicians and choral singers.

So we pulled out the batons. (The kids call them wands.) I started by having them guess a number between 1 and 10. Whoever got the number exactly right was allowed to come to the front, select their favorite primary song and conduct the children singing it. Sometimes I would hold their hand and help them conduct. Sometimes they wanted to do it on their own. Sometimes I would stand behind them and pat my hand on their shoulder in tempo, so they could feel it. After the first child finished conducting, they whispered a number between 1 and 10 in my ear and then we'd start all over.

The conducting batons are always a hit, but this time the number guessing was actually just as fun for them.

With the Senior Primary, at the end of our time, I pulled out my set of pipe chimes (loaned to me from my mother) and asked if they knew what they were. I explained that they were musical instruments, kind of like bells, and that we were going to learn to play a song with them next week. I gave my spiel that this was a special privilege, and they had to be on their best behavior to earn the privilege of using them. The chimes and the large nails used to strike them were not to be used as weapons. If they were disrespectful, rowdy, or used the chimes as weapons, they would immediately be put away and the kids would lose the privilege of learning songs on them this holiday season.

So there was my teaser for next week. :)

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